Global Alliance Logistics  is a N.V.O.C.C. (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) that has been established since 2010 in Thailand.The experience of our staff accumulates to over 20 years in the transportation industry. Hence, the understanding and sense of professionalism that we provide to our customers is impeccable.

From a humble beginning with just 10 staffs and a single office in Bangkok , we have grown into one of the leading logistics providers in Thailand . Global Alliance Logistics has also established worldwide network covering more than 50 countries, thus enabling us to achieve global business coverage.

Global Alliance Logistics is much more than handling over 5,000 containers a year from one point to another. Our job is to ensure that we provide critical services and timely information necessary to give our customers a competitive edge in the management of their supply chain. We help people and companies distribute their products efficiently and economically.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the service we provide. Our reputation is built on our ability to serve your shipping needs accurately, reliably and cost-effectively. To meet that goal and meet our customers' wide ranging needs, we have established strategic alliances with business partners to offer a full line of value added service.


All our customers turn to Global Alliance Logistics to relieve the burden of sourcing for reliable carriers in the right trade lanes and at the right time. Experts agree that global and 'traditional‘ issues of rising fuel costs, currency fluctuation, capacity constraints, shortage of drivers & equipments, etc are making transportation procurement a discipline best suited to companies equipped with the proper technology, commitment and volume to attract and retain top-notch carriers.


Global Alliance Logistics has an established qualified carrier base that equates to flexibility and responsiveness for our customers, with competitive rates and high quality service. Because we procure significant volumes of transportation, we are often able to negotiate competitive rates from the best carriers. We buy capacity in the marketplace as it meets your specific needs; the best service and competitive rate. Therefore, you don't have to ship high volumes to enjoy such benefits.     


The team assembled by Global Alliance Logistics is impossible to duplicate. For most companies, it would be cost prohibitive. Furthermore, even if cost wasn't a consideration, our vest team of experts, with varied experience and expertise, stay on top of changing trends, assuring you the best of the best.